Blockwork for Internal or External Use, Load-Bearing or Non Load-Bearing.


Concrete Blockwork

A Better Build Waterproffing & Construction can supply and lay all types of blocks. Whether it be a retaining wall to keep your site level or a raised garden bed, a feature wall and piers to steps A Better Build will do a quality job to engineers standards every time, guaranteed to last.

You may have purchased a property and identified that your site is not flat and is sloping on one side. The solution may be to put in limestone walls, retaining walls or feature walls, so that soil is contained and doesn’t get eroded during floods or heavy rains.

Rob and the team at A Better Build are well-trained and very experienced in constructing limestone walls, retaining walls and feature walls that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye and at the same time serving the purpose of anti-erosion as well.

When it comes to preventing erosion, we believe in designing and constructing the limestone walls, feature walls and retaining walls in a terraced fashion so that they is pleasing to the eye too. We’re knowledgeable as to what kind of limestone block to use, as each kind of limestone block is different when it comes to rustic looks, durability and nature.

Are you looking for a concrete blockwork expert to install limestone walls, retaining walls or feature walls for your property, look no further than A Better Build Waterproofing and Construction. Call Rob on 0418 802 274 or email us using the convenient form located on our contact page. A Better Build will be happy to recommend and provide you with the perfect blockwork solution!

Existing Services

It is important to consider any possible existing services that may run beneath the soil of your property in the location of where you wish to construct your new brick wall or retaining wall. A Better Build can liaise with local council and service providers to check for service run-in locations to your home such as mains power, telephone, gas lines and main water lines.

Brick Sizes and Dimensions

  • Face Brick Common sizes: The standard size of face common brickwork is 110mm x 76mm x 230mm.
  • Standard Face Block size: Two course face blocks are 90mm x 162mm x 290mm.
  • Standard Render Finish Blocks: The size for rendered blocks or rough blocks is 90mm x 162mm x 305mm.

Endless Design Choices

A Better Build is able to install a large assortment concrete blocks in various sizes and shapes that are ideal for home building projects. Pictured below are only a few examples of the styles of block finishes, available, more often than not, in multiple colour options.