Raising, Re-Leveling, Re-Supporting. Quick, Economical & with Minimal Disruption

Injection Services


A Better Build Waterproofing & Construction offer structural, expanding resin injection services which can raise, re-level and re-support buildings, driveways & paths to correct major and minor subsidence of footings. Using tried, true and reliable methods, A Better Build perform injection methods in a manner akin to ‘keyhole surgery’. This minimises intrusion on your property and provides outstanding results FAST! Most injection jobs can be completed in a day or two and in most cases, the avoidance of excavation work means no water, no mess. These methods reduce costs substantially whilst providing long lasting results.


Wall Cracks

The significance of wall cracks is that they often point to problems in the foundation ground. Cracks that are more than 5mm wide and cracks that open and close with the weather usually point to relatively serious problems with the ground. A Better Build can advise you on the recommended methods to correct these problems. Wall cracks do usually close up when your building is raised up and re-leveled. This is not the case, however, with every project, due to a number of possible factors, including when and or brick particles have entered a crack, or when the lifting process must be limited to prevent damage occurring in other parts of the structure. In most cases, as Building footings are raised, brickwork cracks usually close up so much that only minor re-pointing of the mortar joints is required. When cracks in painted walls close up as your building is re-pointed and re-leveled, generally only minor patching and painting is required.