Protect Your Investment From the Elements.

Balcony, Plant Deck & Terrace Leaks Are Damaging to Your Property

Leaks can be damaging to your property and lead to long term structural problems, costing you excessive amounts of money if left unattended.

If you’ve noticed cracking in surfaces or grout lines, calcification in grout lines, lifting of tiles and surfaces or water damage to paint or plaster, you likely require the services of A Better Build Waterproofing & Construction.

A Better Build offer a range of concrete waterproofing and remedial services throughout the Melbourne metropolitan area at extremely competitive prices. All work is carried out minimal disturbance and a commitment to providing you with lasting results. At the forefront of this is our attention to details, starting with customer service and flowing through to every aspect of the job. A Better build considers each project on it’s individual merits and we ensure you are well informed of the product, technology and innovation options available to you.

Sheet & Torch on Membrane

Our Melbourne concrete waterproofing services include sheet & torch on membrane. We have many years’ experience in laying torch on membranes for rooftops and sub-structures including balconies, planter boxes and retaining walls. Torch on membranes use a mixture of polymers and bitumen on a reinforced base for superior performance in cold weather and high tensile strength.

Sheet membrane waterproofing or sheet membranes are designed to stop water transfer, and this makes them a crucial component for rooftops, podiums, walls, water features, balconies, retaining walls and anywhere else that water may transfer through and cause damage. They are an ideal choice for high traffic areas thanks to their resilience.

Torch on membranes are simply waterproof membranes that are welded to the underlying substrate using a torch. This welding process ensures the best substrate bonding and best bonding between membranes.

Depending on the area of the building, substrate, building condition and environmental factors, sheet membranes may be applied using a different bonding method. Regardless of the method chosen, A Better Build guarantee to provide complete water protection.