Rectifying Failed Waterproofing Systems

Remedial Projects

A Better Build Waterproofing & Construction specialise in rectifying failed waterproofing. We manage all aspects of the repair process from new waterproofing to tile repairs when necessary. Our focus is on the rectification of ‘problem’ wet areas (leaking showers & balconies) with minimal disturbance and intrusion, at the best possible cost to you, the customer.

The primary reason your any existing wet area is leaking is because the membrane has failed. A Better Build will assess the ‘problem’ area and determine the most efficient and practical solution to rectify the leaking area. Every ‘problem’ area is unique and will require an assessment.

Whatever the scale and specific requirements of your project, Coastwide Waterproofing & Remedial Services will provide cost effective solutions and aim to exceed all expectations.

The most common remedial waterproofing jobs we fix on a regular basis relate to:

  • Tiling
  • Leaky Shower Repairs
  • Leaky Balcony Repairs
  • Tiling Repairs
  • Vertical Polished Concrete Walls
  • Coloured waterproofing for bathroom facelifts without the need to remove tiles
  • Waterproofing non porous materials to wet areas
  • New Waterproofing