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At A Better Build, we know how to design and create stunning, strong and reliable retaining walls. We will help you in creating your new retaining wall to meet your requirements, and in doing so we’ll improve your property to complement the your lifestyle. Whether it’s ground stabilisation, changing the contours of the land, levelling out certain areas around the house or business, or building a retaining wall purely as a garden feature, contacting A Better Build would be an wise investment to consider.

There are numerous benefits associated with retaining walls. Not only does a retaining wall have the potential to add value to your land by ensuring drainage is channelled correctly, it can also can add a touch of class and style to a property. One of the great things about retaining walls is their flexibility and styles options available. Retaining walls can be built to suit any style of yard and can be built using a variety of mediums:

  • Timber retaining walls
  • Bluestone retaining walls. Rock retaining walls. Stone retaining walls
  • Concrete retaining walls. Concrete retaining wall blocks. Concrete sleeper retaining walls
  • Block retaining walls

If you’re considering engaging an experienced construction expert with for your project, call A Better Build an we’ll ensure you get the best results using the most suitable materials available.

We can build you the highest quality Retaining Wall Melbourne has to offer.

Not all materials are suited to every situation. At times, there will be limitations in the materials that can be used due to the location and environment of the proposed wall. A Better Build will discuss all of your options and will advise you on the best approach to achieving a beautiful wall best suited to the area we are working with, whether large or small.

Engage A Better Build today for a quality wall that offers you a long term solution for your needs.

Timber Retaining Walls

Timber sleeper retaining walls are a great cost effective solution for your landscaping needs. They are arguably the most popular wall solution due to their versatility in retaining all types of soils at varying heights. Sleeper retaining walls are a very strong and slim fitting wall. A Better Build timber sleeper retaining walls are a very cost effective solution which have a life expectancy of 15 plus years.

We only use the best possible sleepers available. Our retaining walls are guaranteed to ensure proper site drainage.

Bluestone Retaining Walls

Bluestone is a great option for adding colour and a dash of visual elegance to your garden area. It’s an attractive stone, has great hard wearing properties and can withstand strong weather conditions. Bluestone retaining walls are a popular choice with many due to their ability provide adequate drainage of moisture.

Bluestone works well with both higher retaining walls and smaller walls. A Bluestone wall will look amazing when completed and will compliment any property.

Concrete Retaining Walls

Concrete sleeper retaining walls are an aesthetically pleasing, durable and a strong retaining wall option. The concrete is pre-cast and is reinforced with steel. As the primary medium is concrete this provides numerous design options and finishes to suite your style of wall, including Bluestone, sandstone, wood grain and smooth faced.

Concrete sleepers are a great option for any retaining wall up to 3 meters high.

Block Retaining Walls

offer a range of block retaining walls with a variety of surfaces, textures and colours to suit the individual needs of you and the area of your retaining wall. Some block are suitable for smaller retaining walls while others are suitable for walls up to 2 meters high.

Whether it be a retaining wall to keep your site level or a raised garden bed, a feature wall and piers to steps, A Better Build will do a quality job to engineers standards every time, guaranteed to last.